Great River City
Light Rail is a joint
venture between Transdev and CAF Australia.

Together, we are building and operating Stage 1 of the Parramatta Light Rail for the NSW Government.

The new light rail will connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia with a two-way track spanning 12 kilometres, and is expected to open in 2023.

The $2.4 billion public transport project will connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia with a two-way track spanning 12 kilometres.

Great River City Light Rail is responsible for delivering the Supply, Operate and Maintain (SOM) package of works.

This includes the design, construction, testing and commissioning of: light rail systems; high voltage traction works; stops above slab level; light rail vehicles; a Stabling and Maintenance facility at Camellia.

After construction has been completed Great River City Light Rail will be responsible for all light rail operations, customer service and asset management and maintenance for an initial term of eight years.


State of the art

Stage 1 of the Parramatta Light Rail will have 13 Urbos Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) developed by CAF, a global leader in light rail systems. The Urbos is a state-of-the-art LRV that delivers comfortable, user-friendly and high-performance services.

CAF has successfully implemented the Urbos LRVs across a number of projects globally, including Newcastle, Canberra, Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Zaragoza (Spain), Birmingham (UK), Luxembourg, and Seattle (USA).

Each light rail vehicle will be comprised of seven carriages with the capacity to carry up to 300 passengers.

Benefits of
Light Rail

The Parramatta Light Rail will create new communities, connect great places and help locals and visitors move around and explore what the region has to offer.

A journey from Carlingford to the Parramatta CBD is expected to take 18 minutes.

By 2026, around 28,000 people will use Parramatta Light Rail every day and an estimated 130,000 people will be living within walking distance of light rail stops.

The Parramatta Light Rail will reduce the need for people to travel by car around Parramatta CBD and the Greater Parramatta region, taking the equivalent of 25,000 cars off the road by 2041.


Construction is being undertaken in stages to minimise disruption to residents, businesses, and commuters.

Construction activities will generally occur between 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Friday, and 7:00am to 6:00pm Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. There will be occasions where work will need to occur outside these hours (for example, at night) for safety and operational reasons.

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Project documents
All documents may be found on the parramatta light rail website as below.

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